ClickBank for Beginners: A 7-Step Affiliate Starters Guide from ClickBank

what is clickbank
what is clickbank

And little things like the green screen video background just screams stereotypical sleaze-ball internet marketing program. Last time I checked, Cryptocurrency was one of the most volatile markets in existence — certainly not something that’s low-risk. Far better to build a website and use search engine marketing to build a consistent flow of free traffic. Do that every day and you’re making $6,000 a month — a more than comfortable job replacement income.

But that doesn’t stop products just like these selling by the truckload. You might have seen some of them in your social media feed or in pop-ups via retargeting campaigns, but that’s it. This is where you find out you’re dealing with a different type of affiliate network. Now, this might sound a little odd, but you need to create an account within your main account for certain features to work.

The next one is in the health space and this is one of the biggest health products right now, in fact, it’s the top health product, it’s called the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. All right guys, so the next product we’re going to be talking about in this guide is a product called Perpetual Income. Now, this product pays out a massive $336 on average. So, it’s not in the make money online space, it’s not in the health space, it’s a little bit different from what we usually talk about. And with this product you can make $260 per sale on average, plus around $52 recurring commission. Companies displayed may pay us to be Authorized or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site.

How to Promote?

Home DoctorThis offer is super interesting… For one thing, it has the lowest refund rate on this list, while still maintaining a solid 75% commission rate and decent $37 average payout. CellubrateThis is Cellubrate, a weight loss offer with lots of potential. The team behind Exipure has collectively earned more than $650 million in revenue from their previous offers. What’s more, the product has maintained strong numbers in spite of the huge volume of affiliates and sales it’s seen. In addition to a few health & fitness products, we have a self-help, home & garden, and survival offer for you to promote.

At this point, forget categories, niches and everything else. We simply want to identify what makes a good product. This might seem like it’s simple enough but screwing up this step could potentially hinder you from earning a single cent because the other steps are built on top of it. Both of these posts discuss relatively different strategies. I’m actually going to get into both of those strategies as well as my recommended path to follow for beginners .

  • To create all of these, so far the best tool is still Thrive Leads .
  • Now, let’s briefly cover a few of these traffic sources you can use to start making affiliate commissions.
  • Not just reviews by other affiliates because those may be biased.
  • And that includes lots of products by “Get rich quick” and “internet marketing” gurus.

And what you should be doing is creating content about how to create eBook covers and eBooks in general. Just any free affiliate traffic source that you are currently using, you can implement this. You can see the eBook that I actually created using Sqribble in the link below. Now for every one of these products, I only selected products that were above a certain gravity. For more information on growing and monetizing a YouTube channel, check out our post on how to make money on YouTube. There are different types of ads on YouTube, so you’ll want to play around with them to find the format that’s best for you.

Point your audience to the affiliate offer.

So, if you do affiliate marketing on YouTube, this is a very good product to promote. On the other hand, a beginner may have the luxury of promoting a product that’s less of a sure thing, because they don’t have a serious budget on the line. Use emotion in your messaging to directly build up a strong desire for the product you’re promoting. You need to paint the picture of why your audience can’t live without this solution. If your refunds and chargebacks are high (say 5%+), then you either need to pick a different offer or send more relevant traffic to the offer. For Facebook Ads, you’ll look at metrics like cost per click and conversion rate.

what is clickbank

If the product is popular, it’s likely to have a product review somewhere on the web. A direct response offer is essentially any offer that’s designed to elicit a “direct response” in the target audience – typically, an immediate purchase of a product. You get new product sales from a range of affiliate partners and traffic sources while controlling customer acquisition costs – and you don’t pay anything until a sale is made. Say you’re an e-commerce seller or store owner with a supplement product.

It’s an all-natural product prepared from a traditional recipe found in Nicoya – Costa Rica . Ikaria Lean Belly JuiceAs a former top trending offer, Ikaria Lean Belly Juice has officially made the leap to the top products leaderboard! Its claim to fame in the weight loss niche is that it’s not just another weight loss pill – it’s actually a powder designed to be added to a beverage each morning. The product comes with a handful of quality upsells, including templates, Prezentar video tutorials, and VIP tech support. It also comes with other upsell options on the checkout page, like additional licenses and Sqribble . The product itself comes in a “melting probiotic candy” form rather than a swallowable pill.

If you’re new to online marketing, I’d start with a lower-risk traffic source like email and slowly ease into paid ads . Start with a low spend and wait to scale until you really get the hang of it. Starting your own site allows you to create quality content, what is clickbank build an audience, and refer sales to your favorite products. A typical process for a newbie to affiliate marketing is that they sign up, find some crappy product with a high commission and start to fantasize about how it’s going to make sales.

The live agent disconnected the chat mid conversation and refused to help me. After watching a 45 minute video I decided to give the pills a chance. They claim you don’t need to diet or anything and just take them. The man on the video said his wife was overweight and when he created the product she lost a large amount of weight. The order came with a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. He recommended taking the pills for at least 3 months for best results.

March 2022 Top Products Wrap-up

You can get a lot of mileage out of Glucotrust for a lot of different audiences, such as men and women over 45, weight loss, ED, conservatives, and fitness. As an affiliate, you’ll get plenty of help promoting LeanBiome, including a huge 75% on front-end sales and 65% on all upsells. The product’s sales page features a Hollywood-style VSL, and the upsell funnel is optimized for high conversions as well – and there’s a huge potential audience for this offer as well.

Payment threshold

This offer is still new enough that they don’t have a tools page yet, but it’s well worth a look if you have the audience for it. SonoViveSonoVive is a rebranded, specialized health offer worth checking out! Like with Fluxactive, Kerassentials, or Derma Prime, SonoVive isn’t about weight loss at all. This offer is still new enough that they don’t have a tools page yet.

Pros of the Clickbank marketplace

Simply sort by highest gravity and pick a product out of those. For our purposes, we’ll keep it set as “Popularity” for now, although I also encourage you to sort by “Gravity” and browse products that way. This will allow you to browse an aggregate list of products from all categories. You can use the “sort results by” drop-down menu to sort the results according to different criteria. The funnel basically represents the journey a visitor takes from the point they’re exposed to your own website/ad/link down to where they can make a purchase through your affiliate link. One of the best ways to promote this product would be sports betting forums like

Certainly, there are a lot of folks out there that are looking for love and you who can help them out with this program. So that tells you, there is definitely a breadth of different payout options for you there. Blogging and solo ads seem to work really well for this product.

You may find some overlap among other audiences and pain points as well, including oral health, teeth whitening, sinus health, digestion, and natural remedies. The offer includes a physical or digital book, VIP email coaching, and a bonus quick start guide. If you want to try out a non-supplement offer that has a proven track record, start here. Ryan Vestal has nearly two decades of experience as a Certified Public Accountant and leader in the Boise tech community. Ryan began his career with KPMG, ascending into roles with leading Boise-based companies including KTVB News Group, and most recently as the CFO of Vacasa. Born and raised in Idaho, Ryan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Idaho State University.

Publishers also get access to a big network of advertisers so CJ Affiliate is an active community. This is why it’s crucial to buy and test a product first if you want to sell it with confidence and genuinely serve your audience. You can put the offer on your newsletter, a high-performing blog post, or on a ‘products we recommend’ page. Avg %/Rebill –Represents the average total affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including only rebill commission, for a recurring billing product. Avg %/Sale –Represents the average affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including both initial and rebill commissions. Once you’ve chosen a strong password, click ‘create account’ to finalize your account.

I’ve tried dipping my feet into the world of affiliate marketing before but gave up along the way. This guide has set off so many “lightbulbs” in my mind and I think I might just try giving it another shot. With thousands of flashy products on show, the temptation to promote anytop-selling program to your audience is strong. Gravity –This figure tells you how many affiliates have successfully sold the product in the past 12 weeks. The higher the gravity the greater your chances of succeeding with that program. A product with a gravity score of at least 50 is a safe bet.

Be careful though, as offers do occasionally get pulled. You need to be sure you have a backup offer in case this happens (or you’re ready to create a backup yourself). DentitoxDentitox has slipped a little from its perch at the very top of the top products rankings, but it’s still holding strong. We like this one – and so do plenty of affiliates earning 5-6 figures per day with it – because Dentitox isn’t just another weight loss supplement.

Well, besides its optimized Hollywood-style video sales letter, Glucotrust’s funnel is designed to help affiliates maximize their average payout. And after you start making sales with Glucotrust, just contact their affiliate manager Carlos to receive even higher commissions. Even better, it’s maintaining an incredible conversion rate of more than 6%, which is actually higher than the 4% it was seeing a few months back! You can use this in other affiliate programs or even for your own products to promote.

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