12 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2023

ReferralCandy is a top class product, the leading referral marketing software in the eCommerce space. In that time we’ve gained trust of over 30,000 eCommerce stores and brands . It has many powerful features that let brands run automated referral programs and leverage the power of word-of-mouth. The commission rate is 15%, recurring monthly for as long as the referred individual remains a customer. With subscription fees ranging from $50 to $300 per month, just a few sales has the potential to bring in hundreds of dollars in commissions each month. While I don’t want to promise that you’ll be able to hit these figures, there is definitely money to be made in affiliate marketing.

Your reputation will be at stake when you promote a poor product to your audience. Conduct a complete research about the quality and best affiliate management software reputation of the product you wish to promote. You have to put in a lot of effort to convince someone to purchase the product.


If a prospective affiliate program merchant has a recognizable brand and good reputation, you can proceed safe in the knowledge that it is a good company to partner with. As an aspiring SaaS affiliate marketer, how do you know which program you should choose? In the next section, we’ll look at the factors you should consider when you are choosing an affiliate program. In this post, I will try to give you my insights into some of the best SaaS affiliate programs, and how you can use them to drive value to your readers while increasing your income.

  • This will help you to get more website traffic, leads and paying customers.
  • In finding their way around these market issues, I see founders are increasingly setting up SaaS affiliate programs.
  • The drawback here is that if a subscription costs $15-20 and you’re getting paid 10% of that monthly, you’d have to generate hundreds of sales for the company to get a half-decent payout.
  • You will earn a commission each time a purchase is made using your affiliate link.

It has a lot of tools that will enable you to publish and promote videos on YouTube with ease. If you get onboard their affiliate program you earn 25% for each completed signup, with a minimum of $2. On this platform, users can store their passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information. You’ll be paid via PayPal, and the payment threshold is a low $25 to get your commissions. That said, per seat pricing can be beneficial for affiliates if your audience is businesses a bit beyond the stage of solopreneur.

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Is a flexible B2B platform that meets the needs of those who require high-quality, updatable leads. It is a perfect solution for email outreach or outbound research. Our platform saves time to collect leads, helps to verify contacts, to do cold outreach. Moosend is one of the best email marketing and marketing automation solutions that also provides additional lead generation tools allowing you to create amazing landing pages and forms. Sender is an all-in-on email marketing tool with automation, email design builder, forms and popup features. • Most SaaS companies have sales specialists and customer onboarding processes.

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If a customer buys Marketing Starter and Sales Professional in a single transaction, you’ll bag yourself commissions of $250 + $500. HubSpot offers plenty of marketing materials to help you send traffic its way, from demo videos and copy examples to banner ads and landing pages. However, it’s certainly not the cheapest tool on the market, with prices starting at $50 per month but rising sharply from there. Of course, the good news is that high prices mean strong commissions, with a structure that offers the chance to earn multiple payouts from the same customer.

If you sign up, the YouTuber earns money and you benefit from a discount. After signing up for an affiliate program, affiliates can employ various marketing strategies to attract visitors to the affiliate’s website or platform to generate leads or sales. By partnering with Udemy, affiliates have access to a lot of opportunities to find low-competition links due to the abundance of niche and specialty courses. Affiliates who promote Udemy’s courses through the SaaS Affiliate Program receive a 10% basic commission on all course sales made within a 7-day cookie period. A higher commission is possible if you consistently generate sales above $5,000. With a plethora of affiliate programs available, we have hand-picked these high-ticket SaaS affiliate programs that will yield better returns for your effort and time.

While getting set up as an affiliate marketer sounds pretty sweet, it’s definitely not all sunshine and roses. Although the lowest tier comes in at $45 a month, the time, energy, and resources to invest in it are a lot. That being said, the percentage is between 15% and 100% commission rate. Affiliates can get a flat rate payout of 100% of a signup’s first month’s revenue. Alternatively, you can opt for the recurring plan, which is a 15% monthly commission capped at a year. While that doesn’t sound like much where ActiveCampaign is a serious bit of kit that requires buy-in, you’ll find that when people sign-up, they tend to be customers for the long haul.

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The rest of the sales process will be largely done by their landing page. In that period of time, they’re almost guaranteed to research competition. If the company you’re researching has a bad reputation online, it’s going to affect the conversion rate, and your income as a result. Both of these are great choices and can bring in plenty of revenue, but there’s an important condition. The leads that you guide to the website have to be converted into customers, and if they’re not that interested in the product, the conversion rate is going to suffer. Then the best SaaS affiliate programs are going to be ones that fit your website’s niche.

Not only does SaaS affiliate marketing make sense, but it is a low-risk marketing strategy. Generally, it boosts trial signups because SAAS products usually provide a free trial for users to test the program out. If you’re a SaaS company interested in affiliate marketing, but don’t know where to start, this article is for you. SocialBee is an affordable social media management tool that you can use to share content across all your profiles. Its users range from solopreneurs to small businesses and bigger agencies. The sign-up process for ReferralCandy’s affiliate program is very easy and quick.

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